Mission Statement

Michigan Power Futbol Academy is an organization established for young athletes to use as a vehicle to create a foundation for their future. We are committed to developing young people into healthy, skilled, hardworking athletes, through detailed professional coaching, in a family and community-supported diverse environment. We are confident these key elements will drive MPFA players to reach their full potential on and off the field.

Core Values

Empower: Instill athletes with confidence and self-belief by providing a soccer program that provides equal opportunity and strong leadership.

Commit to Excellence: Deliver what we promise, set high standards, and achieve goals through an unparalleled work ethic.

Cultivate Community: Build strong relationships that value trust, respect, honesty, diversity, and community engagement.

Encourage Innovation: Embrace a culture of creativity, forward thinking, and personal growth on and off the field.

Demonstrate Passion: Represent the club, your team, and our community with pride in all you do.

Have Fun: Share and promote a love and enthusiasm for the game to keep soccer enjoyable at every level of play.